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Private wine tours, corporate events, wine tastings

     THE WINERY VISITS WITH QUALIFIED PERSONAL MEAN:   ▪ Presentation of wine technological process ▪ Tasting of 3-10 wines accompanied by snacks (bread, cheese) and water ▪ Walk in the vineyard (on request, if the weather is good)     TO KNOW!   ▫ A winery visit lasts around 2 hours ▫ Bookings are made in advance with about 10-30 days, depends of the year period ▫ On [...]

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Julia Scavo: A sommelier is an emotion merchant, but also a knowledgeable professional

        Julia Scavo, a well known Romanian born sommelier, shares her story, from the moment she obtained a scholarship in France to study Engineering, to the moment she was seduced by wine and was keen on getting further knowledge. She is also an award-winning sommelier: Best Sommelier of Romania 2018 (Marele Trofeu) in Bucharest, First Runner-up (Silver Medal) of the First Balkan Sommelier Challenge 2018 in [...]



Feteasca Neagra

  Indigenous Romanian grape variety, which has been grown for hundreds of years on substantial plantings in the south of Moldova and eastern Muntenia. Today it is grown in most regions of Romania, but also outside the country’s borders.   Synonyms Poama Fetei Neagra, Pasareasca Neagra, Coada Randunicii   Grape characteristics The grapes are medium to large, cylindrical-conical with spherical, medium-sized [...]


Cheese Show Revino Bucharest cheese wine show

Negru de Dragasani

  Negru de Dragasani grape variety was obtained by Marculescu M. and Vladasel M. through individual selection at SCDVV Dragasani. It was obtained as a result of the sexual hybridization between Negru vartos and Saperavi and it was released in 1993.   Ampelographic characters. Adult leaves are medium sized (three-five lobs), linty on the lowerside. The flowers are normal [...]


Cheese Show Revino Bucharest cheese wine show



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CrameRomania.ro is a bilingual online database of Romanian wineries, created and developed out of passion for wine and visits to wineries.


Since 2013 we’ve visited over 85 wineries in Romania, getting to know this wonderful land and its people, and we’ve made maps of wine-growing zones to help those interested in finding out more about these areas.


Our objective is to develop wine tourism and to expand travelers curiosity and appreciation for Romanian wines, wineries and vineyards. 


Furthermore, in 2015 we started developing the Revino.ro Project, a website which offers wine lovers and drinkers all the information they need to discover wine routes and visit wineries. Those interested can find out more about wine tourism and wines to drink on every occasion.


In 2016, I organized the first ReVino Bucharest Wine Fair, where wine lovers and experts came to taste premium wines and discover how to visit a winery directly from the winery's representatives.

Cheese Show Revino Bucharest cheese wine show