Pair cheese with wine
Do you love cheese and wine and want to win over your friends or business partners? We can help you choose the right cheese platter or cheese bar to give your event the perfect aroma!
Buy wine from specialized wine stores
Specialized wine stores are often embedded in or associated with wine bars.
Corporate events, wine tastings
Presentation of wine technological process, tasting of wines accompanied by snacks (bread, cheese), walk in the vineyard.
Romanian wine grape variety
Today it is grown in most regions of Romania, but also outside the country’s borders.
Romanian wine grape variety
Feteasca Regala is one of the best known and most sought after varieties of grape in Romania.
Romanian wine grape variety
it is cultivated in most of the regions of Romania, Republic of Moldova and Hungary.
A sweet and aromatic liquor
Ice wine, wine produced from the grapes that passed through the first frost.
Usually, the warmer the wine, the more volatile compounds it gives out
After serving wine, its temperature increases by 1 ᵒ C every three minutes
How to serve Sparkling Wine
Because the strength of a sparkling wine are bubbles, you ought to serve the sparkling wine in tall and thin glasses.



vineyards wine map romania is a bilingual online database of Romanian wineries, created and developed out of passion for wine and visits to wineries.


Since 2013 we’ve visited over 100 wineries in Romania, getting to know this wonderful land and its people, and we’ve made maps of wine-growing zones to help those interested in finding out more about these areas.


Our objective is to develop wine tourism and to expand travelers curiosity and appreciation for Romanian wines, wineries and vineyards. 


Furthermore, in 2015 we started developing the Project, a website which offers wine lovers and drinkers all the information they need to discover wine routes and visit wineries. Those interested can find out more about wine tourism and wines to drink on every occasion.


In 2016, I organized the first Revino Bucharest Wine Show, where wine lovers and experts came to taste premium wines and discover how to visit a winery directly from the winery's representatives.





Premium wine tastings, 7th Edition
11-13 May 2024
Gastronomy show in Bucharest
8-9 October 2022
Oenotourism in Romania
Private cheese and wine events

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