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Co-founder CrameRomania.ro & Revino.ro

CEO ReVino Bucharest Wine Show & Revino Gourmet

Wine tours and cheese & wine event specialist




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Alina Iancu Revino Romania 



I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to discover Romanian wineries, travel, capture photographs of people, wine, and nature, and then share my experiences with other passionate individuals.


Over the past 12 years, I have traveled extensively throughout Romania, visiting more than 120 wineries and encountering stunning landscapes, vineyards, wineries, and talented individuals.


In 2013, I founded CrameRomania.ro, a bilingual online database of Romanian wineries. On this website, visitors can access information about Romanian wineries, wine maps, details about Romanian grape varieties, a photo gallery, and other useful information about wine.


In 2014, I embarked on weekly journeys to local wineries, organizing guided tours and bike excursions in collaboration with wine partners.


The subsequent year, in 2015, I launched Revino.ro, a wine tourism trip advisor aimed at promoting wine tours in Romania. This platform showcases accommodations at or near wineries, stunning vineyards, wine tastings, events, gourmet restaurants, and firsthand wine stories from producers.


In 2016, I successfully orchestrated the inaugural edition of the Revino Bucharest Wine Show, offering wine enthusiasts and experts the opportunity to sample premium wines and learn about winery visits directly from representatives.


In 2019, there was a notable shift towards cheese, encompassing everything from its production to its pairing with wine. This shift led to the birth of a new project, Revino Gourmet, which orchestrates events revolving around cheese and wine, all while spotlighting Romanian producers and their cheeses through the online platform.


In 2022, I coordinated the inaugural Revino Gourmet Show, where enthusiasts and experts alike could savor premium cheeses, meats, wines, craft beers, spirits, chocolates, and delve into the stories behind these products directly from their representatives.



Premium wine tastings, 7th Edition
11-13 May 2024
Gastronomy show in Bucharest
5-6 October 2024
Oenotourism in Romania
Private cheese and wine events

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