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Feteasca Regala

  Feteasca Regala is one of the most popular and sought-after wine grape varieties in Romania. Fetească Regala was born in Transylvania about eight decades ago and is a hybrid between Fetească Alba and Grasa de Cotnari.   Due to its high production rate (15-20 t / ha), it was a well-spread and highly appreciated variety during the communist period, when massive production was in fashion.   Feteasca Regala is part of the semi-aromatic varieties such as Chardonnay.   Areas of exploitation of the variety spread throughout the country, from Dobrogea to Banat and from Oltenia to Suceava.   The log is [...]


Grasa de Cotnari

GRASA DE COTNARI   This is a grapevine cultivated from ancient times in Cotnari vineyard, where it had continuity.   Ampelographic (Identification) characters: the adult leaf is middle-sized, entire or trilobite, the leaf’s limb is dark green colored with mesophyll deformations (hammer strikes) and with reddish main nerves.   The flower is hermaphrodite type 5 or 6, Grasa de Cotnari variety being partially self-fertilized, because the pollen germinates in percentage of only 50-60%.   Grape berries are cylindrical-conical, medium to large.   The berries uneven in size, of ovoid shape, have [...]




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  Wine Tourism Map Romania


CrameRomania.ro is the only bilingual online database of Romanian wineries. It is a non-profit project created and developed out of passion for wine and visits to wineries.


Starting with 2013 we’ve visited over 65 wineries in Romania, getting to know this wonderful land and its people and we’ve made maps of wine-growing zones to help people interested in knowing these areas.


 Our objective is to develop wine tourism and to expand the curiosity and appreciation of those who travel for Romanian wines, wineries and vineyards. 


Furthermore, in 2015 we started developing the Revino.ro Project, a website which offers wine lovers and those who wish to consume it, all the information they need to discover the wine route and to visit the wineries. Thus, those who are interested can find information about wine tourism and about wines they can drink at every occasion.

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