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Company name: MIDMAR STAR SRL


Winery address: 30 Complexului Street, Valu lui Traian City, Constanta Co


Headquarter address: 267 Calea Dobrogei, Valu lui Traian City, Constanta Co


Founded: 2014


Region: Podgoria Murfatlar


AOC: Murfatlar


Area: 3 Ha


Bottled annually in litres: 20.000 L


Owners: Preda Ion, Bercea Gabriel


Winemakers: Preda Ion, Bercea Gabriel


Labels: Crama Gabai


Grape varieties: Muscat Ottonel, Riesling Italian, Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Noir


Short description:


"The only miracles belong to nature. Pour water in the vine and it will grow wine "- quoted Vasile Ghica

Gabai wine cellar was born out of love for high quality wine.

Blessed by God with good and fertile land, with warm sun and clean soul, we want to share yourselves in the beauty and dowry of the Dobrogea lands, transposed into the flavor of a glass of wine from the Gabai Wine Cellar.

Located in the center of Dobrogea Plain, close to the Murfatlar vineyard, on a 3 Ha surface that gives vines favorable growth rates, the Gabai Wine Cellar fully respects the European standards and procedures for producing quality wine.

Why Gabai?
So that the tradition to go further. Because the legacy left by our grandfather is not just the name. It is the earth, it is also the soul, it is also the love for the beautiful and the good. He wanted those who would follow him to share the same passion for quality wine. And today, Gabai Wine Shop competes with wines like Muscat Ottonel, Italian Riesling, Black Feteasca or Pinot Noir.
Our wish is to produce special and aromatic wines. We want in every glass to find some of our passion for well-done work, with commitment and responsibility. We want those who taste wines from the Gabai Wine Cellar to remain fragrant with the bouquet of freshly squeezed grapes. We want them to smile and to wish for more. We want to be as Anton Pann said: "Wine is the old man's rod and the youth's madness."
Whoever comes and crosses the threshold of Gabai Wine Cellar as a guest, we have the certainty that he will leave as our friend and friend of the high quality wine.
The Wine Cellar from Gabai caters to connoisseurs and wine-lovers of high quality. Why? Simple. Because we, above all, put price on quality and we do not discount it.
When choosing wine, be wise!

"Knowing to drink is a real science" quoted - Voltaire




Bercea Gabriel, +40 755 140 492


Preda Ion, +40 744 610 114


E-mail: office@cramagabai.ro


E-mail: midmar@mangalia.astral.ro


Website: www.cramagabai.ro


gabai wines


GPS Coordinates: 44.174156, 28.462921




Premium wine tastings, 7th Edition
11-13 May 2024
Gastronomy show in Bucharest
5-6 October 2024
Oenotourism in Romania
Private cheese and wine events

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