Novac grape variety was obtained by Marculescu Mircea through individual selection from the variety Negru vartos and variety Saperavi, at SCDVV Dragasani. It was released in 1987.


Ampelographic characters: adult leaves are medium sized (three-five lobs) flowers are normal hermaphrodite type 5, the variety is autofertile.


The grapes are medium in size (240-260 g), cylindrical shaped, uniaxial. The grape cluster is covered in berries. The berries are middle-sized (2.0-2.5 g), egg-shaped, they have a bluish-black colour. The flesh is red, juicy, non fragrant and has a sweet-sour taste.


In Dragasani vineyard bud opening is triggered roughly in mid April and vegetation period lasts 180-185 days.


The logs have full vigor and medium-good fertility. High production potential of 4.8-6.8 kg per log, respectively 20 to 25 t/ha.


The grapes reach full maturity in mid September, approximately 10 days before Merlot.


When the grapes have reached full maturity they accumulate around 208-220 g / l sugar and the total acidity (H2SO4) reaches 5.2 to 6.3 g/l.


The wine has a ruby-red colour, full-bodied, fine tannins and good acidity.


It is suitable for aging in oak barrels and then bottles.


Smell and taste: blueberries, cloves, black pepper, dark chocolate; aftertaste - rosehip and sloes.


Can be served with: fresh and soft cheeses and fresh red meat.


Source: Nedelut Dumitru, Oliver Bauer







Other red grapes: Babeasca Neagra, Feteasca Neagra, Negru de Dragasani.




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