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Zghihara de Husi


This variety was grown in Vaslui Co. and it is synonymous to Zghihara Galbena, Zghihara Verde Batuta, Poama de Husi, Poama Molodoveneasca, Ghihara, Galbena de Husi, Poama Zosoneasca, Poama Vinoasa de Husi.


The grapes have a greenish-yellow colour, they ripen in late September and early October, but do not reach a high concentration of sugars, rarely exceeding 170-180 g/l.


Grape production is high, between 15 and 17 t/ha.


The wines are green coloured with shades of yellow; they don't have a certain primary flavour. Their taste is sour, with a hint of watercress.


Alcoholic strength of 11 to 12 degrees, the acidity is high, 5-6 g/l


It is recommended that it be drunk while still young.


This variety is suitable for sparkling wines.


Smell and taste: the smell of raw, freshly sliced green apple, vine tendril;


Can be served with white and red meat or vegetable based foods. It is a good digestive.


Source: Claudiu Cretu (Winemaker)




Premium wine tastings, 8th Edition
10-12 May 2025
Gastronomy show in Bucharest
5-6 October 2024
Oenotourism in Romania
Private cheese and wine events

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