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This is an old Romanian cultivar, produced for centuries in Cotnari vineyard.


Ampelographic characteristics : the adult leaf is middle-sized, trilobate or pentalobate, the leaf’s limb is dark green colored, slightly crinkled, with the edges bent towards the upper face.


The flower is hermaphrodite type 5 and 6. The grapes are middle to large, cylindrical-conical, with quite compact berries.


The berries are medium, spherical, with thin skin yellowish green, with juicy pulp and grassy flavor.


In plantations there is a biotype called «Ţârţâră», with uneven berries size, with very little grapes per plant and with great capacity for sugars accumulation.


Grape production is 12 to 14 tons/ha.


Francusa accumulates between 190-200 g/l of sugars, its total acidity being very good.


It is kind of sensitive to frost (-18 °C ...- 20 °C) and susceptible to powdery mildew, but resistant to drought.


Francusa, the dry wine of Cotnari vineyard has a special elegance, softness and presents floral notes, fruitiness and freshness. These are just a few of the attributes revealed to the consumers.


It matches well the dishes based on fish and poultry.


Source: George Malutan, winemaker







Fotografii Fenea Silviu




Premium wine tastings, 8th Edition
10-12 May 2025
Gastronomy show in Bucharest
5-6 October 2024
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