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What constitutes a perfect holiday? How about exploring Romania’s wine regions, local grape varieties while all the time tasting food and wine and exploring the country’s unique history and culture. In brief this is the main concept behind Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences.


 “The idea of a documentary in which we highlight the relationship between Romanian wineries, local grape varieties, and regional leisure activities offered by the local communities came from a desire to show tourists some of the great experiences that Romania can offer” says Alina Iancu, founder of, and the brainchild behind Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences.


In recent years Romania has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The number of foreign visitors as well as locals exploring the country is continuously on the up. The potential is huge and is still largely untapped. Romania’s wine regions, spread across the entire country, are undoubtedly a growth engine for tourism. The opening of new wineries and guesthouses, the appeal of discovering local grape varieties, the diversity of leisure activities along with the reinterpretation of traditional recipes - all surrounded by spectacular scenery, have attracted both Romanian and foreign tourists. However, not all visitors know what’s on offer when they come to Romania and how a few days spent in nature and in the company of interesting people can enhance and enrich tourists’ experiences.


Wines of Romania - Pure Experiences is the travelogue experience of Robert Marshall, an Englishman naturalized in Romania, during a weekend visit to a Romanian winery and nearby places. In the first episode he visits the birthplace of Feteasca Regală.


“The main idea behind the film is that wine tourism can be more than just a visit to a winery, where someone tastes some wines and then leaves. It is actually a complete experience of a local area - people, places, food, traditions and even the opportunity to make new friends. When promoting local wine tourism, we believe that it’s important how others see us. This is why we chose to tell the story with the help of Robert Marshall who is passionate about wines, and who wants to better understand Romania’s essence and cultural roots. To give you an idea, imagine a bespoke Englishman, with a handkerchief tucked into his shirt pocket, scything grass or drinking wine in an old barn,” says Cătălin Cazacu, founder of BlackHat Production, director and co-creator of the documentary film Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences.


The pilot was filmed this summer and it is the personal initiative of Alina Iancu together with Cătălin Cazacu.


Watch the film here:


Wines of Romania documentary film



Trailer Teaser




A and Black Hat project

Producer, Director: Catalin Cazacu

Associate Producer: Alina Iancu

Camera operators: Mihai Covrig Andrei Lupu Alexandru Matios

Sound: George Sbana

Editor: Tudor Gramescu

Sound Design: Teo Anton


September 2018




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