Winery address/headquarter: Principala Street, Brebeni, Valea Darjovului, Olt County


Founded: 2014


Area: 1 Ha


Annually bottled: 1000-4500 L


Owners: Doru Mitrache, Adi Mitrache


Wine experts: Adi Mitrache, Doru Mitrache


Wine labels: Pivnitele Theodoros - sulfite free wine red, dry


Grapes varieties: Feteasca Neagra, Novac, Negru de Dragasani


Short description:

There can not exist natural wine without clean, fertile soil. It is therefore of utter importance to establish a plantation in a chemically unaltered soil and maintain its balance over the course of the vine’s natural life.

Relatively recent climate changes have determined us to establish the plantation on the “ Darjov Valley “ in the immediate vicinity of the ancient Dacian site “Oboga forest” on a fertile soil rich in gravel and silt and surrounded by a natural barrier formed by a forest of oaks.

The exceptional romanian varieties thriving in this geographical area: feteasca neagra, negru de dragasani and novac require burying throughout the cold season. All work, including the removal of weeds is done manually, without the use of herbicides. A macerated mix of vine, oak and walnut leaves and stems is used as fertiliser and plant based emulsions are exclusively used in phytosanitary treatments.

Pivnitele Theodoros’ natural wine is obtained from perfectly healthy grapes through spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels without the use of cultured yeasts, making each vintage an authentic representation of the region’s terroir.




Adi Mitrache


Phone:  +40 723 608 706  







GPS Coordinates: 44.22008, 24.26562


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