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Address: 2 Protopop Iosif Pop Street, Aiud, Alba Co

Phone: +40 762 207 490




Address: 2 Protopop Iosif Pop Street, Aiud, Alba Co


Founded: 2008


Region: Aiud, Alba Co




Area: 17 Ha


Bottled annually (in litres): 30.000 L


Owners: Takacs Eszter and Takacs Attila  


Wine experts: Takacs Attila and Dr. Csavossy Gheorghe




Grape varities: Traminer, Riesling de Rhin, Riesling Italian, Gewurztraminer, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Amurg, Pinot Gris, Hercule  


Short description:

Pivnița Takács [Takács Cellar] in Aiud was founded in 2008; the family grapevines spread over the Sâncrai hills in Ciumbrud, forming the Aiud vineyards. The cellar’s technician is Attila Takács, and its expert consultant is Dr. Gheorghe Csávossy, oenologist. The grapes are processed by a line of modern technology, and the wines mature in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. The cellar also has a wine collection containing bottled wines, as well as a tasting room for welcoming guests, with traditional furnishings, decorated with the diplomas awarded in wine contests.

The wines produced by Pivniţele Takács in Aiud come from grapes picked from the vineyards in Sâncrai, which are part of the Ciumbrud hills. Ciumbrud is a true treasury of Transylvanian vineyards, a statute acquired thanks to the mildness of the climate, due to the nearness to Mureş River, to the southern exposure of slopes, which makes the vine props resemble the needle of a sun dial. For the traveller approaching from Aiud, the beauty of the scenery is striking: first, the Mureş appears, bordered by green willows, then, in the distance, above the village, the Gothic windows of the 18th-century church.

Far away towards the south looms, the Metaliferi Mountains rise into the clouds, standing guard against the winds and protecting the peace of blonde, blue-eyed autumns that favour the ripening of the honeyed grapes.

According to the traditional nomination of vineyards, Ciumbrud is part of the Alba-Aiud vineyard (known as “Wine Country”), and, as a wider frame of reference, of the Aiud wine-making hub.

Contact person: Takacs Attila

+40 762 207 490

E-mail:  office@takacspince.ro



Website: www.takacspince.ro

Takacs Winery

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