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Address: Pestera Vlg., Constanta Co

Phone: +40 21 795 59 66




Winery address: Pestera Vlg., Constanta Co


Headquarter: 13 Grigore Mora Street, District 1, Bucharest


Founded: 2011


AOC: Murfatlar


Area: 153 Ha


Bottled annually (in litres): 185.000 L / 2015


Owner: Bogdan Mihalcea


Wine expert: Darius Pripon


Wine labels: Grai, Unu’, Domeniul Bogdan Selection, Primordial, Domeniul Bogdan Reserva


Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Muscat Blanc, Riesling, Fetească Neagră, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir


Short description:

The frantic pace of human evolution in the last decades uprooted us from that millennial symbiosis from HUMAN and NATURE, when the agriculture was not only a method of terrain exploitation for production, but a science combined with tradition in which astral and moon cycles were part of everyday life.

Biodynamic agriculture embraces human millennial experience in harmony with nature rhythms toward a healthier life and food, a fact also confirmed by recent research and experiments.

In order to have a wine that follows the biodynamic principles from all points of view, we decided to build Domeniul Bogdan winery in the area of the vineyard destined to be not only a location designed for vinification, but a sanctuary of wine. Due to the fact that nature itself is the best architect, at the base of designing our winery stands the “gold ratio” principle, present in every aspect of nature. 




Razavan Popa, razvan@domeniulbogdan.ro, +40 765 777 177  


Office: +40 21 795 59 66


Website: www.domeniulbogdan.ro




Domeniul Bogdan

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