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Address: 60 Moldovenilor Street, Carligele Village, Vrancea County

Phone: +40 722 257 635

GPS coordinates: 45.685298, 27.070492


Company name: SC Dasadi Business SRL


Winery address: 60 Moldovenilor Street, Carligele Village, Vrancea County


Headquarter: 12 Intrarea Horbotei Street, bl. 4, et. 8, ap. 187, sector 3, Bucharest


Founded: 2012


Region: Moldova


AOC: Cotesti


IG: Dealurile Vrancei


Area: 20 Ha


Annually bottled: 1.000 L – 50.000 L


Owners: Daniel-Sandu Dinca and Carmen-Liliana Dinca    


Wine expert: Daniel Dinca


Wine labels: Daniel’s Wine


Grape Varieties: Merlot, Feteasca Neagra, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Riesling Italian and Rhein Riesling


Short description:

A family business  where we only use our own grape production, but while the pneumatic press and the stainless tanks let each grape variety express its personality according to the pedoclimatic conditions of the terroir through minimal interventions on the process of wine making. For example, by using only neutral selective yeast, gravity disruption of the wort, tartar deposition occurs naturally over the winter, and filtering, where appropriate, only through the cellulose plate filter. The entire process is carefully monitored with passion and patience. 

"Daniel's wine" is and will be a wine with personality created from passion for viticulture and winemaking, which will surely make a good impression in the "wine world" through its originality, creativity and constancy in quality.



Daniel Dinca


E-mail: d_dinca@yahoo.com, danielswine@yahoo.ro


Phone: +40 722 257 635


Daniels wine carligele

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