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Address: 105-107 Poetului Street, Arad City, Arad County

Phone: +40 744 320 418 

GPS coordinates: 46.301547, 21.689033


Company name: Ando Wine Concept


Winery address/Headquarter: 105-107 Poetului Street, Arad City, Arad County


Founded: 2017


Region: Crisana


AOC: Minis


Cultivated area: 4 Ha


Annually bottled: -


Owner: Andronic Octavian           


Wine expert: Clara Kardos


Wine labels: Crama Andronic


Vine varieties: Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Merlot, Cabarnet Savignon, Furmint, Cabernet Franc


Short description: 

That closer friend tried for a few years to save the old plantation but the results were very weak. It was accessed EU funds for reconversion, resulting today a healthy and a productive wine yard. At the present, the owners from Germany are very proud that the domain from their descendants looks very good and clean and Andronic Winery (Crama Andronic) is enjoying the trust he earned it and sets the foundation for a new story.



Andronic Octavian 

Phone: +40 744 320 418  


E-mail: contact@cramaandronic.ro

Website: www.cramaandronic.ro 


crama andronic  


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