• ReVino Bucharest Wine Show 2020


Address: 4 Principal Street, Breasta Vlg., Dolj Co.

GPS coordinates: 44.35, 23.67

Company name:  Sanvino Prod srl


Winery address: 4 Principal Street, Breasta Vlg., Dolj Co.


Headquarter address: 87 Nicolae Caramfil Street, 5 floor, District 1, Bucharest


Founded: 2009 


Region: Oltenia


AOC: Banu Maracine


Area: 31 Ha


Annually bottled: 40.000 l (in 2016/2017)


Owners: Suzana Sandu, Tiberiu Sandu   


Wine expert: Mirela Gheorghe


Wine labels: Preludiu, Duet Alb, Duet Rosu, Cvartet


Grape varieties: Feteasca Alba, Sauvignon Alb, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Feteasca Neagra


Short description:

An old winery with over 200 years of history that once belonged to noble families from Oltenia, rebuilt and equiped with state of the art technology following a +2M EUR investment project. A production process designed to be extremely gentle with the grapes (gentle destemming with intact recovery of the berries, pressing under inert gas, under vacuum corking).






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