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Address: 604 Carastelec Vlg, Salaj County

Phone: +40 740 040 777

GPS coordinates: 47.3085833, 22.6858333




Winery adress: 604 Carastelec Vlg, Salaj County


Founded: 2006 (planting 2011, completion of the winery: 2013)


Region: Our vineyard spreads over 22,4 hectares of land with southern exposure. It has the shape of an auditorium and it is located at the top of a slope near Carastelec Vlg., Salaj County


AOC: Crisana       


Area: 22.4 Ha


Owners: foreign investors


Wine labels:


FRIZA: Friza White - petiant, Friza Rose - petiant,

VINCA CLASSIC: Vinca Theresia Rhein Riesling, Vinca Sophia Barrique, Vinca Benedict Pinot Noir

CARASSIA: Blanc De Blancs Brut, Classic Brut, Rose Brut


Grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Feteasca Regala, Riesling de Rhin, Pinot Gris.


Short description:

Crisana is one of the oldest wine producing regions in Transylvania, close to Măgura Şimleului Mountain which is a crystalline island in North West Transylvania. The region of Carastelec, marked by this Mountain, has a particular soil from which grapes can extract minerals required to make elegant and sophisticated wines full of fineness, fresh and fruity, typical of the varieties cultivated here. And also, this crystalline terroir gives them special personality and typicality.
Carastelec Winery is the first investment in Romania aimed at producing mostly sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, which currently has in its portfolio two types of semi-sparkling wines and a range of monovarietal still wines and wines maturated in oak barrels. Sparkling wines will be produced using exclusively the traditional method (Champenoise) with the second fermentation in the bottle. Noble vine varieties were planted on 22.4 hectares in 2011.




Mátyás Amália

Phone: +40 740 040 777

Email: info@carastelecwinery.com


Website: www.carastelecwinery.com



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