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Address: Bucharest

Phone: +40 21 323 38 03

GPS coordinates: 44.4687803, 22.8070248


Winery names: 

Starmina Cellar, Mehedinti

Bolovanu Cellar, Samburesti




Founded: 1998


Area: 250 (190 hectares - Castel Starmina, 60 hectares - Castel Bolovanu)


Bottled annually: 1,5 - 2 millions bottles


Owners: Domaine Vinarte SRL


Wine expert:  Iustin urucu


Wine labels:


  • Soare - Cabernet Sauvignon; DOC Samburesti; dry
  • Soare Roze - Cabernet Franc si Cabernet Sauvignon, IG Dealurile Munteniei, dry
  • Prince Mircea - Merlot; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; dry
  • Castel Bolovanu - Cabernet Sauvignon; DOC Samburesti; dry
  • Nedeea - Feteasca Neagra, Negru de Dragasani, Novac; DOC Mehedinti-Starminaa; dry
  • Nedeea Alb - Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Tămaioasa Romaneasca; dry
  • Nedeea Rose - Babeasca Neaga & Feteasca Neagra, DOC Mehedinti-Starmina, dry
  • Cuvee D’Excellence - Riesling & Sauvignon Blanc; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; dry
  • Sirena Dunarii - Riesling; DOC-CIB Mehedinti-Starmina; sweet
  • Domeniile Vinarte Rosu - Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, DOC Samburesti, dry
  • Domeniile Vinarte Rose - Cabernet Sauvignon si Pinot Noir, DOC Mehedinti-Starmina, dry
  • Domeniile Vinarte Alb - Sauvignon Blanc & Feteasca Alba, DOC Mehedinti-Starmina, dry
  • Castel Starmina - Rose; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; demi dry
  • Castel Starmina - Merlot; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; dry
  • Castel Starmina - Sauvignon Blanc; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; demi dry
  • Castel Starmina - Riesling; DOC Mehedinti-Starminaa; demi dry
  • Castel Starmina - Tamaioasa Romaneasca; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; demi sweet
  • Castel Starmina - Feteasca Neagra; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; demi dry
  • Castel Starmina - Cabernet Sauvignon; DOC Mehedinti-Starmina; demi dry

Vine varieties: Feteasca Neagra, Negru de Dragasani, Novac, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italian


Short description: Established in 1998, Vinarte takes full advantage of the terroir available in Romania by sourcing fruit from three of the best locations: Samburesti, Starmina and Zoresti. The different conditions encountered allow our specialists to grow grapes of the highest quality, local and international varieties out of which complex wines with a distinctive character are obtained. The style of these wines is characterized by complexity and elegance. 


In Sambureşti, Olt County, Vinarte company currently holds an estate with a total area of ​​60 hectares. The vine-growing region where Castel Bolovanu vineyard lies is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Romania. In relation to recent archaeological discoveries, the hypothesis of its existence 2000 years ago was formulated. The mineral composition is typical for alluvial soils, with the capacity to produce special character wines. The south-western exposure of the terraces allows the quiet ripening of the vegetation cycles of the grapes. The ideal microclimate of these realms provides an excellent balance between sugar level, acidity and polyphenol.

In Starmina, Turnu Severin, Turnu Severin, Vinarte company holds a total of 190 hectares of vines. An extensive program of work and operation of vines and modernization of technology in the cellar was completed in 2009. Thanks to its position in the south-western region of the country, in close proximity of the Danube, with a climate that benefits from the Mediterranean influence, this vineyard has always produced remarkable wines. Statistical climatic data confirm that we have here an ideal temperature throughout the year and a significant number of sunny hours (a study written in 1868 mentions that “the sun shines on the vineyards all day long”). These are very important elements in reaching full maturity of grapes. The vineyards are especially designed to produce wines with great character, both red and white. 


Contact person: 


Email: office@vinarte.ro; vanzari@vinarte.ro


Website: www.vinarte.ro








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