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Address: 100 Semenicului street, Buzias City, Timis co

Phone: +40 725 964 334

GPS coordinates: 45.632970, 21.627471 


Company name: MOICA IOAN I.I.


Winery address/headquarter: 100 Semenicului street, Buzias City, Timis co


Founded: 2004


Region: Buzias


AOC: Banat


Area: 5 Ha


Owner: Moica Ioan


Wine experts: David Lockley, Huiet Paul


Wine labels: Thesaurus AMURG, Thesaurus AMADOC, Thesaurus RESERVE.


Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italian, Muscat Ottonel


Short description:

The winery was built on Silagiu Hill, near the vineyards. The winery uses modern technology that combines traditional processes, thus ensuring the preservation of grape and wine quality throughout the technological process. The winery has a wine cellar where the best wines are stored awaiting the best time to reach customers wine glasses.



Paul Huiet, +40 725 964 334


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